iLLy We$tSide x @OGG_iLLy = Do It Big #Review | $KPD


Hailing from the west side, San Diego, CA to be more exact, iLLy We$tSide is back with a new joint. It’s definitely a banger. For those who do not know much about iLLy We$tSide, just know that he is definitely a grinder at what he does. Music is something that he excels at and he is next to blow coming out of his city.

“Do It Big” is much more than a boost song from the westside lyricist, but more about his story. iLLy speaks on coming up from the bottom, making moves to get to the top, making profits, and flexing on his naysayers to say the least.  The song is like an anthem. It’s a get-your-weight-up-and-crush-the-competition type of track to get you hype and more motivated than ever. For his fans, they will definitely love this track. For new and potential fans and supporters, “Do It Big” is an example of what is next to come for iLLy.

iLLy spits: “Imagine that, growing up with the alley cats/ flipping packs like an acrobats/ pulling re-ups out a magic hat” so effortlessly over the XavierJordan-produced beat. This is a toast to all of his peers who once doubted his success. His work is speaking for him now. Stream “Do It Big” below

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