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AGoff - Evil Trap Files Series Review

AGoff has multiple personas but one that remains true is his grind. Fresh off the release of his 😈Evil Trap 🗂Files series, AGoff a.k.a SGOD or 🍣Lil Sushi, has many bangers on these mixtapes. Now let’s break them down mix by mix.

For those who don’t know AGoff, he is very creative as an artist, inventing slang and popular hip hop lingo many people latch on to. Terms like 💦Splash, 💧Drip, or 💎Sauce to name a few and has influenced other new age artists in the rap game like Ugly God and Dank God.

So the first mixtape, Evil Trap Files is a 13-track collection of songs with new hip hop lingo such as the opener song, “Mega Jug.” A standout track and a crowd pleaser is “Keep it Real.” Definitely check out that song first and foremost.

Evil Trap Files 2 Reloaded is a little shorter in the number of songs; however, this is richer in the culture of how underground hip hop sounds now. AGoff shouts out 21 Savage in “Its A Knife” and switches his flow up in “Kick Door,” which new fans and old supporters can appreciate.

Honestly, Evil Trap Files 3 (Trilogy) has the better production. Kudos to the producers on this mixtape including lone, Letchy, and PedroFlexin. In this 6-track banger collection, AGoff flexes on haters, takes opponent’s women, and let’s people know why he’s the Swagg GOD. A fan favorite track on this mixtape is definitely “Switch Locations”.

Now on Evil Trap Files 4 (Triple 4’s) has two freestyles on it but, the rest of the songs nothing short from what AGoff can create. Out of the seven tracks, it’s hard to choose just one standout track to recommend. Fans can play this mixtape from start to finish without skipping a beat.

People say that we save the best for last and 💧SGOD did just that. A great follow up from Evil Trap Files 4 (Triple 4’s), the last installment of Evil Trap at the moment which is Evil Trap Files 5 comes out as a winner. With just five songs, AGoff manages to really get into his rhymes and stay up with current flows and delivery. This is definitely a mainstream mixtape. One song,”5” takes a vivid picture of where AGoff is from and what he is about. The standout track on this bih is “5 Grams”. It’s one to add to your playlist. AGroff sounds most comfortable rapping on this beat. The flow goes smoothly with the wavy Dark Trap anthem.

Take a listen to all of the Evil Trap Files mixtapes on Soundcloud as well as be on the lookout for 33 😈Evil Trap 🗂Files in the series.

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