Tyler Scope Unleashes New EP, “Alex Mischief”  @TfpTyler | $KPD

New music from Tyler Scope was just released early this month. Tyler Scope, the Atlanta-based emcee has an alter ego called Alex Mischief that he lets unleash on his latest project, Alex Mischief. The new EP is definitely something raw and fresh. If you are a fan of real rap, then this is it.

Tyler talks about the state of hip hop, his experiences, and some outlooks of the world on this 10-track collection. Tyler Scope is influenced by many artists including A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, etc, in which all influences can be picked out in each song by attitude, delivery, production, and lyricism. His music has an almost Punk Rock/ Rebellious philosophy, which is definitely not “mainstream.” Tyler’s music and new EP Alex Mischief is anti-mainstream and has a different approach that his fans and newcomers can appreciate and respect.

You can catch the EP on Soundcloud: