Cold As Hell – Discontinued @WeAreColdAsHell | $KPD

We are a unique Swedish/American Hip Hop Duo. Lyrical is from Stockholm, Sweden, and Anterluz is from Inland Empire, CA. Earlier this year we decided that ‘Discontinued’ would be the first record we shoot a visual for. We started crafting story boards and exchanging ideas back-and-forth. Everything needed to be smooth and in place so that we could make the best of Lyrical’s stay in California from Sweden. We had a very small window, with flights that were near and already booked.

After unsuccessful attempts obtaining permits in different locations, and sudden weather conditions that prevented us from filming certain shots; we unexpectedly found ourselves in a haunted hotel that our friend owned in Pomona, CA. The visuals you are about to see are the result of overcoming adversities, and keeping focus on whatever it is you’ve set out to do. We truly can’t thank everyone that was involved enough.

As always, there is zero obligation to play, or even like what you see. However, it would be an absolute honor if you did, and to be shared across your platform, as we are big fans of you guys ourselves. Your support truly could mean that we can keep making these visuals and continue to create music that’s Cold As Hell. Thank you.

Enjoy the show!


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