🔥 Lit New Visual  by  Kou Sav this Bih got the Streets Bubblin RN Check this video out let me know if FW this join fam. Shot and edited by @shotbyrenzo Twitter: Kou_Savage1 IG: Kou_savage CHECK OUT MORE OF BRO’s MUSIC WITH THE “MIND OF A MENACE MIXTAPE OUT NOW ON […]

Pat Leach has the best of both worlds, hailing from Baltimore with a more edgy sound, not residing in Ft. Lauderdale, which as more uptempo vibes, this artist is on the right track. Not only is Pat Leach an artist, but he’s the CEO of Clumsy Diamond Thief. Now, the […]

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This is the teaser track from Scottychams’ album System Failure that is releasing August 1st. This project is mostly old school hip hop beats but the style is unique and modern. It’s mostly talking about government corruption, different perspectives, mindset to succeed, and his opinion on a lot of what’s […]

New music from Tyler Scope was just released early this month. Tyler Scope, the Atlanta-based emcee has an alter ego called Alex Mischief that he lets unleash on his latest project, Alex Mischief. The new EP is definitely something raw and fresh. If you are a fan of real rap, […]

Hefe Heetroc is the Frank Zappa of rap Introduce yourself (give me the basics — the who/what/where/why). Hey what’s up, I’m Hefe Heetroc, musician, emcee, producer. I’ve lived in Los Angeles all the way to New York, where I am currently. Tell me about the music — describe your sound. […]

My name is AfterPxrty I’m an Artist/ Producer from Grand Rapids, MI and I’m submitting my song ” from my upcoming new project “No Rest for the Wicked” that was inspired by Clipse Hell Hath No Fury album. https://www.instagram.com/superpxrtyrecords/ https://twitter.com/JustAfterPxrty

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Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT, is an American horrorcore rapper and music producer. The independent rapper is known for producing and rapping satanically over dark trap beats, with most of his lyrical content consisting mostly of devilish wordplay and metaphors. Recently, Ray Ray retired from rap music in search […]

💸✨Run it up✨💸@KEVINPOLLARI x @JayCardiacChris Hosted by @PrivateDJStain RT to UNLOCK 🔐 pic.twitter.com/6eZbaab72p — JayChris✨💫 (@JayCardiacChris) March 4, 2017