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Published by 88rising higher brothers eighty eight fucking rising gang 2k17 put in work oh god put in work chengdu city to chinatown new york fuckiing city we all the way out here. produced by HARIKIRI 88 is double happiness

“ROBERT DINERO” featuring Golfito Lil Prod. by 2piece. A Film by BD Visuals. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Vin2.000. From Since You Left Available Everywhere.

Published by GENIE MUSIC ★[Important] Please support your favorite artists on kt music YouTube channel too! ☆Music Videos on kt music YT channel are official as well. Views from kt music YT channel will be counted for chart shows. ★[중요] kt music 유튜브 채널에서도 아티스트들을 지원해주세요! ☆kt music 채널에서도 공식 뮤직비디오를 […]

Published by KolomB ¨DOORS¨ featuring Vin2.000 Prod. by OB Flex. From The #SinceYouLeft🚀 Tape Coming Soon. Film by LowBatteryBoyz in association with Frozen Productions. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Vin2.000.……

Published by Pingbacks Pingbacks in collaboration with Frozen Productions and Mermelada Films presents “Doing Well” by KolomB featuring Mishii. From the #SinceYouLeft Mixtape coming this Spring. Produced by Leland Lavinci. Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Vin2.000 & Enry-K. KolomB contact: Mishii contact:…

  Sharpey has been producing music since the age of 13. he discovered his passion for music due to his Nan passing away,he felt it was a way to release his feelings and anger that was locked inside. After the great response from the general public he discovered that his […]

Published by Pingbacks Pingbacks in collaboration with Low Battery Boyz presents #RoundHere by KolomB featuring Lil Maxi. Recorded at Pingbacks Records Mixed and Mastered at Mermelada Music by Vin2.000 Filmed and Edited by Low Battery Boyz KolomB contact: Lil Maxi contact: Pingbacks contact: […]

Directed by: Lil Uk & Imani B Published by ELEVATOR Years ago a young boy from South London moved to Florida just south of Tampa Bay. LIL UK was born. Now several years later, LIL UK is finding himself creating music that’s a mix between popular styles of internet rappers like, MadeInTyo […]

Published by Mo-g Directed By King Bee Beat By Moshuun Instagram @SuttonAve