Hefe Heetroc is the Frank Zappa of rap Introduce yourself (give me the basics — the who/what/where/why). Hey what’s up, I’m Hefe Heetroc, musician, emcee, producer. I’ve lived in Los Angeles all the way to New York, where I am currently. Tell me about the music — describe your sound. […]

This catchy track is about a nation of people that live in our nation and are oppressed by there own government they looked up to, questioning the motives behind it. The world they live in is set up for them to fail from the start. With this tragedy even affecting […]

Born in Rochester, NY. Hefe Heetroc aka Wez Nilez grew up with a passion for music, learning to play the guitar at age 19, growing up on the old school Nirvana grunge movement, in his late 20s he started listening to an ecclectic collection of music ranging from cloudead,anticon, incubus ,miilkbone, […]